Christianity and the Three Legged Stool

Let us first understand what we mean when we refer to “Christianity”.

Please be very clear, “Christianity” is not the teachings of Jesus (p.b.u.h). Instead it’s the traditions and dogmas of the Church which evolved over time. This evolution started very early on and hence we have St. Paul (or Saul, as was his real name) the biggest contributor to this initial derailing. These tenants have deep imprints from the pagan Roman culture that was the world super power at that time. These “Christian” doctrines can broadly be covered under 3 heading (or 3 legs) which are so completely interdependent that the whole building logically falls apart if you take out even a single one (and hence we have in the analogy of the 3 legged stool).

These 3 legs are:

1. Original Sin
2. Incarnation
3. Atonement

The religion that Jesus Christ and Moses (p.b.u.t.) preached was nothing but Islam. The remnants of their true teachings are still scattered all over the New and Old Testament, which is collectively called the Holy Bible. These original teachings go totally against “Christianity” and it’s above mentioned legs.

Our methodology is based primarily on breaking one (or more) of these legs with a call to the client’s “Intellect” and “Reason”. But the problem with this approach is that most often our “Christian” (or should I say, marginally Christian) clients keep their “Reason” and “Religion” in two separate compartments. Some how, they have come to an understanding that “Reason” and “Religion” do not go together and are ready to keep them isolated in separate dimensions (by the way, this crisis in thought is also prevalent with many Muslims as well, in varying degrees). In order to open this quandary for such a person there is no better way but to go back to what he/she already believes to be true (i.e. Bible) or at least has some affiliation with it. What you are showing does NOT enforce “the teachings of the Church” i.e. “Christianity” but “Islam” left over in the “Bible”. One point to keep in mind here is that Qur’an also calls the scripture given to them as “Qur’an” (e.g. Qur’an 15:90-92).

When you show from the Bible (e.g. Ezekiel 18) that sin can NOT be inherited and invoke the intellect and reason of an average American to make him/her see that this is only fair from a fair God. Anything other than this would be unjust and unfair on part of God thus the idea of “Original Sin” is a hoax. You are not re-enforcing “Christianity” instead you are breaking one of its 3 legs. Build the bridge right there to “Islam” as in “Qur’an” e.g. (Qur’an 53:38) “that no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another”.

When you show the words of Jesus Christ (e.g. John 5:37) “…you have neither heard His (God’s) voice at any time, nor seen His (God’s) form.” you are not re-enforcing “Christianity” as “the teachings of the Church” but instead “Qur’an in the Bible”. For this idea goes absolutely against “Christianity” that preaches Jesus being a “form” of God as in the famous analogy of “Water, Ice and Vapor”. At this point one can ask what if you successfully convince this client that the above mentioned 3 legs are in fact latter day additions into the religion of Jesus Christ and he/she comes to reject them but still opts to remain a Christian. Have you done your duty even if he/she did not convert to “Islam”? I strongly believe that you have! From that point onwards it’s just a matter of time before the idea hits the bottom.

Of course, the final guidance comes from Allah (swt) alone since He knows the state of the hearts and thus knows who deserves to be guided.

Also keep in mind that this approach is for a specific type of client only and should not be taken universal in application. But since the profile fits in the majority of our potential clients, we give more importance to this. After we are done with this series, we’ll (inshaAllah) move over to a different profile e.g. an Atheist or a Naturalist that does not believe in the Bible at all.

The kind of ‘Dawa’ that we are engaged in has not been done by the ‘Umma’ for manypast centuries. We definitely are up against a challenge in producing a sound methodology in thisnovel exercise that we have taken up. But I also believe that the people who are not actively engaged in this work but are rather sitting in a comfortable arm chair in their living rooms (may be chanting ‘SubhanAllah’…‘SubhanAllah’…‘SubhanAllah’ on their ‘tusbeeh’) are not qualified to lay down the rules.

by Gohar Mukhtar, Member of WhyIslam Southern California, 2004


One thought on “Christianity and the Three Legged Stool

  1. Using the Bible in discussions may not be helpful in some if not most cases. In fact, the sight of a Muslim “missionary” holding a Bible and enthusiastically quoting and referring to its verses, trying to prove the fallacy of concepts that a person grew up believing, concepts that his or her parents, loved ones and friends hold dear, and then quoting the “missionary’s own holy book”, the Qur’an, in a totally different tone, may not fit the description of “a way that is beautiful” that Muslims are supposed to follow. This will hold true wether the person believes in the Bible or not.

    So Muslims should perfect the methodology shown here, but use it as a weapon of mass destruction: when all other methods fail. Because this weapon could destroy the false concepts but may also destroy a few other things unintentionally: like relationships and comfortable communication with the person.

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