Armenian Genocide: Tommorow who?

Turkey is probably thinking how to react to the recent US Congressional vote on terming the Armenian massacre during the Ottoman Empire as “Genocide”. This is a big deal and a very sensitive matter to both Turks and Armenians.

I personally admire the direction Turkey is heading these days. I am a big fan of Abdullah Gul. Being a Muslim, I feel Turkey can be an example in more than one way for Muslims today. As a Muslim my sympathies could naturally lie with the Turks on the genocide issue against the Armenians. Most Jews and Israelis in general are also supporting this resolution.

But I think I support this congressional resolution and the Armenians. Before you call me anything and ask how I can be on the same side as the Israeli government, Jews, and Christian Armenians against the Islamic leaning Turkish government, allow me to explain.

Hundreds of Millions of people have died in genocides throughout history. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or just about any religion. One thing common to all genocides, is the hate that is consistently propagated against the victims by the perpetrators. This seems to be a common prerequisite for any genocide. When I look around, I see that today the easiest and most common victims of hate around the world happen to be Muslims. I don’t know where, but I fear that the next victims of a genocide will be Muslims. In India, China, Russia, Africa, Europe, I don’t know where. Muslims are being demonized and are being vilified in every way possible. Therefore now is the time to look at the roots of genocides and discuss its causes and prevention. This is the age to look into hate as a tool in the hands of certain people with agendas against other peoples.

I feel a discussion of the Armenian genocide could eventually help in this regard. Though the Armenian supporters are now claiming that such a discussion could avert future genocides against anyone, I am sceptical. But it can help bring the discussion on genocide including its causes and prevention to the forefront.

As for the issues raised by the Turks, they are not that problematic to the Muslims in general. Yes it will ruin US-Turkish relations and create problems for the War on Terror and the Iraq War. But I am not a great fan of either of these wars. As for the governmental relations, I am sure they will kiss and forget just like so many countries before.

There you go. Think again!

Watch “Hotel Rwanda“. A beautiful movie.


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