10:30 AM on Sunday morning remains the most racially segregated time of the week.

Isn’t it ironic in America, that religious places of worship in Christianity should be the last resting place of racial segregation? While the places of worship in Islam are the first places of racial desegregation.

It is not uncommon to find inter-racial social mixing among the Christians. However despite all the Islamic injunctions regarding racial equality, Muslims as a community still are not as racially mixed socially as Christians. Inter racial marriages, social gatherings, and friendships are still rarer among Muslims. This is true more for some races than others. This is primarily due to the fact that most of Adult American Muslims are still immigrants with their own cultural and traditional mindset.

But when it comes to the Mosque, Muslims are united as no other American community. People of all races, ethnicity and cultures united in worship.

However, Christianity, for some reason has not achieved a racially mixed congregation in line with other social and cultural fronts. Despite all the successful racial desegregation the society has undergone in the past 150 years, we still have Black, Korean, Chinese, Latino and largely white churches. Wonder why.


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