Muslim Condemnation of Violence

Here is my response to a statement that Muslims have not condemned violence and are not honest in their condemnation. This was on a Catholic discussion forum:

It is wrong to say that if 1.5 billion people in almost 60 countries, their governments, organizations, leaders and scholars cannot organize or coordinate among themselves to present a unified display (in action, not words) of condemnation of violence that satisfies every person in the world, then they are engaging in “Lying, treachery and deceit”. Furthermore Muslims do not have a central religious authority like the Catholics that can act on behalf of all Muslims. Continue reading


Apocalypto: Defending Catholic colonialism

The movie Apocalypto masquerades as a historically accurate description of the Mayan civilization before colonization by the Catholic Spaniards.

It has failed miserably in this endeavour. A key consultant among several archaeologists who served as advisers on Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” has expressed his disappointment that the film overlooks many of the Mayas’ cultural and scientific achievements and portrays the people as “bloodthirsty savages.” He admitted the sets, makeup and costumes are “accurate to the nth degree,” and that it’s a great action film, but believes that people who don’t know anything about the Maya culture might not might not realize from watching it that there was more to the Maya than bloody human sacrifice.
Here are some excerpts from the reviews by experts on the Mayan civilization:

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