Muslim Condemnation of Violence

Here is my response to a statement that Muslims have not condemned violence and are not honest in their condemnation. This was on a Catholic discussion forum:

It is wrong to say that if 1.5 billion people in almost 60 countries, their governments, organizations, leaders and scholars cannot organize or coordinate among themselves to present a unified display (in action, not words) of condemnation of violence that satisfies every person in the world, then they are engaging in “Lying, treachery and deceit”. Furthermore Muslims do not have a central religious authority like the Catholics that can act on behalf of all Muslims.

Nevertheless here are some examples of what the mainstream and majority American and world Muslims have done:

A summary of Worldwide Muslim Condemnation of Terrorism

Not Just Words: Various American Muslim campaigns against terrorism

A 68 page comprehensive collection of press releases, statements and resolutions.

Keep in mind that there are Muslim communists, Muslim dictators, Muslim capitalists, Muslim Free Masons, Muslim Kings and Queens etc with their own ideologies and thinking just like any group. No one can expect such a diverse population, larger than the Catholics, to be in unison on all issues.


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