Muslim Population: Southern California vs New York

I wrote this in 03/2003:

CAIR estimates that more than 500,000 Muslims live in Southern California, 225,000 of them in Los Angeles County and 120,000 of them in Orange County. CAIR bases most of this on an estimation by Amir Hussain, Department of Religious Studies, CSU, Northridge. This is the most widely accepted figure across the Muslim organizations and the US Government web sites.

There are 550,000 Iranians in Southern California, 75% i.e.. 412,000 of these are Muslims, according to the Iranian Christians International. This is most unbiased statistic available.

This means there are about 88,000 Sunni Muslims in Southern California including proportionately 21,000 in Orange County and 40,000 in Los Angeles County.

Estimates vary, but the most accepted number of Muslims in the State of New York is 800,000. Accounting for an estimated 60,000 Muslim Iranians and Muslims belonging to other sects there are at least 700,000 Sunni Muslims in New York State.

I will be updating it with new information from:

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