Islam vs Izlam

Islam (peace and submission to God) is a way of life, which is full of love, mercy and kindness1, for everyone2, opposes terror and oppressors3, ensures justice4, strongly forbids unjust killing and suicide5, self defensive as well as tolerant6, gives equal status and rights to women7, offers absolute freedom of faith and freedom of religion8, against priesthood and religious peddlers9, preaches secularism and pluralism10, gives rights to orphans, poor and widows11, strongly encourages people to free their slaves that they already possess12, promises eternal peace and salvation in the hereafter13, and so on.

Moreover, unlike some other religions, there is no racism, nationalism, caste system, concept of untouchables, slave trade, witch burning, widow burning, female infanticide, honor killing, stoning to death for mere apostasy and blasphemy, genocide, superstitions, etc. in the Quran. And above all, Quran is the most positive, progressive, logical and rational book in the world.

Yet some people like Abul Kasem and Ali Sina are trying their best to ridicule Muslims’ beliefs using all sorts of lies and deceptions. Many gullible non-Muslims have also been fooled by their lies and deceptions.On the other hand, Izlam (a derogatory term) is a religion portrayed by anti-Muslim media, which is full of terrorism, extremism, fanaticism, suicide bombing, intolerance, hatred, bigotry, misogynist, etc.Now, the question is which religion have the so called “former Muslims” left? Is it Islam or Izlam? If it’s Izlam, then let there be congratulations to them. Because Muslims do not believe in such a hateful, misogynist and terror cult call Izlam either.

Thus, it’s crystal clear that the “former Muslims” like Ali Sina (fake name), Ibn Warraq (fake name), Abul Kasem (fake name), Syed Kamran Mirza (fake name), Mohammad Asghar (?), Wafa Sultan (never a Muslim), Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Maryam Namazie, Taslima Nasreen et al have been fooled and deceived by anti Muslim media. And at the same time many gullible non-Muslims have also been fooled and deceived! These “former Muslims” are now being used as pawns to create terror, hatred and enmity between Muslim and non-Muslim communities. These mental slaves are telling to the anti-Muslim media that the terrorists, suicide bombers and all sorts of criminals are true followers of Quran and Prophet Muhammad. Surprisingly, these mental slaves are also trying to defend their masters’ religions, directly or indirectly. You will never find this kind of abnormal apostates from other religious backgrounds. Instead, it is seen exactly the opposite. So, it’s obvious that a bunch of unfortunate and foolhardy bandits from poor Muslim backgrounds have fallen into a dirty trap. Shouldn’t we feel pity for them?

Below footnotes are only some examples of the verses from the Quran to support the above claims regarding Islam:
1 1:1-3, 85:14, 21:107, 60:7
2 2:62, 5:69, 22:17, 34:28, 103:1-3
3 4:75, 22:39-40, 2:190-193
4 4:135, 5:8, 4:58, 57:25, 39:69-70, 40:17, 41:46
5 5:32, 2:195, 4:29, 4:92, 17:33
6 6:107-8, 60:7-9, 2:190
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11 2:177, 2:115, 2:220, 2:240, 4:2, 4:8, 4:10, 4:36, 93:9-10, 89:17-18
12 90:12-13, 9:60, 2:177
13 85:11, 4:122, 19:61, 32:19, 2:112.

– This is a response by Raihan to an email about anti-Islamic Muslims.


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