Muslim Participation in American Election Process

Here is a good response to an email appealing not to participate in the “kuffar” system of election as it is “haraam”:

Every now and then we hear the same complaints from some readers, usually the same group of readers, about the “evils” of participatory democracy. We are told that democracy is contrary to Islam, and that democracy is the work of the kuffaar, and hence, un-Islamic and haram. Continue reading


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Islam

A revert’s account: by Umm Muhammad.

…I sat on that bed and asked Allaah to guide me in my choice. I said something like ‘God, if this is the right choice for me, then let me know or give me a sign’. Immediately after uttering my words, asking for guidance, I felt “heat” from behind both ears. And I thought to myself okay, I definitely got my answer. At that moment I decided to become Muslim, but I did not take Shahadah until the Summer of 1999. I studied and spent time with my Muslim friends, and went to ICNA to solidify my belief…

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