An American Muslim’s questions to Sen Obama and his Campaign

An American Muslim’s questions to Sen Obama and his Campaign

1. Why was Representative Keith Ellison, D-MN asked to cancel his event at the Cedar Rapids Mosque where he was supposed to speak on behalf of Sen. Obama?

2. Why has Sen. Obama not visited any Mosque while he visited churches and synagogues?

3. Why has Sen. Obama not accepted meeting or speaking invitations from Muslim or Arab-American organizations while accepting Jewish and Christian invitations? Not even sending any representatives.

4. Why is the claim that he is Muslim classified as a “smear” on Sen. Obama’s campaign site?

5. What is Sen. Obama’s stand on the current implementation of USA Patriot Act, the detention and deportation of Muslim immigrants and other security measures after Sept. 11.

6. Has the campaign and the candidate ever clearly conveyed the message that “by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim”.