We Will Not Go Down (in Gaza Tonight) – Michael Heart


The ridiculous analogy of Mexico bombing US

We are tired by now of hearing the the claim from the Israelis – “What would America do if it came under rocket fire from Mexico?” Lets look at the facts:

  1. 94% of Mexico is not under a 43 year occupation that is considered illegal by EVERY country in the world. Palestine is.
  2. There are no illegal settlements throughout Mexico with checkpoints preventing people from going to work, school and hospitals. In Palestine there are. These checkpoints cause immense human suffering including numerous deaths.
  3. Mexico’s land, air and sea ports are not under full blockade, virtually putting an end to all travel and trade. Gaza’s are.
  4. Palestinians are allowed to use 83 cubic meters of water per person annually while Israelis enjoy 333 cubic meters per person from the same sources. In Mexico, that’s not the case.
  5. Mexico has a Navy, Army, Airforce, heck it is functioning a country. Gaza is nothing more than a tiny ghetto.
  6. United states will not kill 1% of Mexicans which is more than a MILLION people. But Israel killed about 1400 Gazans (1% of the population).

The number of Israeli dead in 8 years of rockets from Gaza are about the same number of dead Israelis from a weekend of traffic accidents = four.

The missiles being fired by Hamas cannot be simply dismissed as terrorists acts without seeing the desperation of the Gazans.