The ridiculous analogy of Mexico bombing US

We are tired by now of hearing the the claim from the Israelis – “What would America do if it came under rocket fire from Mexico?” Lets look at the facts:

  1. 94% of Mexico is not under a 43 year occupation that is considered illegal by EVERY country in the world. Palestine is.
  2. There are no illegal settlements throughout Mexico with checkpoints preventing people from going to work, school and hospitals. In Palestine there are. These checkpoints cause immense human suffering including numerous deaths.
  3. Mexico’s land, air and sea ports are not under full blockade, virtually putting an end to all travel and trade. Gaza’s are.
  4. Palestinians are allowed to use 83 cubic meters of water per person annually while Israelis enjoy 333 cubic meters per person from the same sources. In Mexico, that’s not the case.
  5. Mexico has a Navy, Army, Airforce, heck it is functioning a country. Gaza is nothing more than a tiny ghetto.
  6. United states will not kill 1% of Mexicans which is more than a MILLION people. But Israel killed about 1400 Gazans (1% of the population).

The number of Israeli dead in 8 years of rockets from Gaza are about the same number of dead Israelis from a weekend of traffic accidents = four.

The missiles being fired by Hamas cannot be simply dismissed as terrorists acts without seeing the desperation of the Gazans.


2 thoughts on “The ridiculous analogy of Mexico bombing US

  1. Salam,

    Great post! It really helps put things in proper perspective.

    Although I personally don’t see anything wrong whatsoever with Hamas shooting rockets. Yes, it is sad to see that they were driven to that point and I am sure that they feel that way too, but they should not be condemned for it.

    If Hamas was to stop firing rockets, international attention would quickly fade from the Palestinian cause, allowing Israel to quietly go about their illegal occupation like in the West Bank and like so many other tyrants in other parts of the world have done. The Palestinian cause would die off in a matter of years. Rockets are an act of desperation but they keep Palestine on the front pages which is the best that Palestinians can expect by firing these homemade firecrackers. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    As leader-in-exile of Hamas, Khalid Mashaal once said (not an exact quote), “If the world complains of us firing rockets upon Israeli civilians, then I ask the world community to please provide us with precision weaponry so we can target Israeli military installations instead. Otherwise, our inaccurate homemade rockets are all we have and firing them is all we can do.” After all, Palestinians are not even allowed to leave the territories to attack military targets in the first place! Then Israel dares to complain about the rocket fire?

    I think that all too often, especially as Muslims, we want to give the politically correct answer for fear of being labeled extreme or anything of the likes. But truth is truth and must be stood up for even if it is not popular. To say that it is wrong for Hamas to fire rockets is essentially saying that they should just suck it up and take full frontal abuse without any thoughts or aspirations towards retaliation, self defense, or self determination. Kind of reminds me of the situation of Kunta Kinte except much worse…after all, the only thing they wanted out of him was to change his name to Toby!

    You never know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes, they say. Now, HONESTLY, what would YOU do if you had to march in the bloodied boots of Palestine, starving and disenfranchised. Sit down under the vultures circling overhead and watch as they eye you and your children? Or get up and do something about it!

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