Margaret Thatcher: Love her or hate her.

ImageBritain’s Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher died today. Tributes and obituaries brings to mind the political world in the 80’s. The decade that witnessed the strongest British American relations ever. It is also being said that Reagan Thatcher relationship were the closest than any other heads of states of these countries. A darling of conservatives in both US and UK, Thatcher was hated by the left. She was mainly despised for breaking up the strong left and labor unions in Britain. She also stood up unusually strong for her principles, never giving in no matter what. This earned her the title Imageof the Iron Lady. She even ignored the advice of her ally and best friend Ronald Reagan who advised her to use diplomacy to resolve the Falklands issue. She unilaterally went to war against Argentina and won, ensuring her a solid re election. She also was a staunch opponent of communism but was instrumental in advising President Reagan to deal with Soviet President Gorbachev who she described as someone “we can do business with”.

Whether one hates her or admires her, one thing is certain: she remains a model for middle and lower class women in the western world.


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