Petition for Muslim Holidays in America: A wasted effort or an educational opportunity?

There is a sudden interest in getting Muslim holidays declared by the White House. Here is why I think it is a distraction and a waste of time and effort.

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Unmosqued: A rebel without a cause.

Recently someone posted a trailer of a yet to be produced movie Unmosqued. It is supposedly meant to start a dialogue among the American Muslim community about the issues in the Mosques. Unfortunately it does the exact opposite:

The movie trailer is over dramatized and over generalized. Experiences are clearly anecdotal and don’t support facts (refer to 2011 Mosque survey). None of the speakers are out of the NY/NJ area which has a HUGELY different Muslim culture than other parts of the country. To me it appears like an expression of someone’s personal rant rather than a picture of a national situation. Continue reading

Slumdog Millionaire: A review like no other.

slumdog_millionaire_posterIt is tough for a movie to successfully entertain, educate and inform the viewers of genuine social issues while winning awards. Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, this year’s winner of the Best Movie Oscar Award, does all of this beautifully. But we need to learn the right lessons. Maybe I am reading too much into the movie but then the specific changes made by Boyle to the original story in the book and the criticism by the Hindu extremists leads one to think if that is really the case. Here are the 10 questions asked to Jamal, the hero of the movie. Each question symbolizes the issues Indians face on a daily basis. Correct answers are in bold. Continue reading

Need an Another Deedat

July 1st, 2009 is the 91st birthday of the Late Ahmed Hussain Deedat the charismatic Islamic activist, Bible student and speaker.

His combative debate style could be attributed to the circumstances that brought him to this line of work in the first place: attempts by young trainee Christian missionaries to convert him during his childhood. He used these Christian missionaries to practice and learn techniques of debating the Bible. He also perfected his skills which were to give him his worldwide debating popularity later on. Continue reading