Unmosqued: A rebel without a cause.

Recently someone posted a trailer of a yet to be produced movie Unmosqued. It is supposedly meant to start a dialogue among the American Muslim community about the issues in the Mosques. Unfortunately it does the exact opposite: http://www.unmosquedthemovie.com/

The movie trailer is over dramatized and over generalized. Experiences are clearly anecdotal and don’t support facts (refer to 2011 Mosque survey). None of the speakers are out of the NY/NJ area which has a HUGELY different Muslim culture than other parts of the country. To me it appears like an expression of someone’s personal rant rather than a picture of a national situation. Continue reading


Young Muslims UK

The Five Principles of YM UK

* Open and dynamic organisation (in Arabic, Jama’ah)
* Personal development of members- in outlook, Understanding, skills and character (Tarbiyah)
* Facilitating spiritual progress of members (Tazkiyah) And externally:
* Promoting a deep awareness of Islam (Da’wah)
* Social concern and engagement (Ri’ayah)

They are also written as:

Inviting – “…invites all youth to the message of Islam.”
Teamwork – “…organises all those who respond to its call into a committed, loving and disciplined brotherhood.”
Educating – “…develops the talents, knowledge and understanding of individuals and applies them for the benefit of all.”
Developing – “…promotes personal, spiritual and moral development and building a relationship with God.”
Action – “…initiates various programmes to involve individuals to help society around them.”

The Islamic Society of Britain is the parent organisation of YM UK.

In the UK, Muslims from the Sub-continent are best represented by the UK Islamic Mission, the Islamic Foundation, the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Dawatul Islam, the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), Young Muslims UK (YMUK), Young Muslim Organization UK (YMO), Muslim Educational Trust, Islamic Forum Europe (IFE), London Muslim Centre / East London Mosque, Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Muslim Aid, several mosques, madrassah and various other projects and organizations. The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is the most important Middle Eastern influenced organization along with Islamic Relief.

Muslim Condemnation of Violence

Here is my response to a statement that Muslims have not condemned violence and are not honest in their condemnation. This was on a Catholic discussion forum:

It is wrong to say that if 1.5 billion people in almost 60 countries, their governments, organizations, leaders and scholars cannot organize or coordinate among themselves to present a unified display (in action, not words) of condemnation of violence that satisfies every person in the world, then they are engaging in “Lying, treachery and deceit”. Furthermore Muslims do not have a central religious authority like the Catholics that can act on behalf of all Muslims. Continue reading